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January, 2017

Celebrating 15 Years Providing Custom Aircraft Seating

To all of our completion center customers, aircraft interior designers, and the many Boeing and Airbus owners and operators who have selected PAC as a trusted partner over the years:

Thank you!

Your support has been invaluable in creating who we are today.

The PAC Seating Team

October, 2016

8 Models of Custom Sleeper Seats Certified and Installed

PAC is announcing a significant milestone – eight different models of Custom Lie-Flat Sleeper Seats have been certified, delivered, and now installed in VIP airliners. The models include single, double, and triple configurations, as well as units that can be installed with a 60 inch pitch, or a 78-80 inch pitch, depending on the aircraft type. All sleeper seats are fully motorized. Upholstery is certified with super comfortable foam densities for enhanced sleeping comfort, in contrast with the harder cushions on commercial sleeper seats. Also available on most models are motorized or manual privacy dividers and motorized up/down arms.

Designers and completion centers can specify custom surround cabinets which can carry the VIP motif through the entire cabin, not just the front of the aircraft. Additional choices include custom entertainment systems, meal tray designs, reading lights, plating and other features.

The eight models include main and upper deck installations in the Boeing 747-8, as well as the Boeing 737 BBJ, and the Airbus A319. In addition to these eight, five new models are in production now for the Boeing 777 and 787-8. Delivery of these new models is expected within the next five months.

May, 2016

New Luxury Lie-Flat Seats for Boeing Single Aisle Aircraft

Now in its third year of Lie-Flat Sleeper Seat production, PAC is launching a new line of models designed specifically for narrow body aircraft. These are fully motorized deluxe lie-flat seats, benefitting from all of PAC’s experience as the #1 provider of custom lie-flat seating for the VIP market. The same standards of comfort, quality, and function found on the most luxurious wide-body VIP aircraft will be available for Boeing single aisle aircraft starting this summer, and for Airbus single aisle aircraft before the end of the year. 16G certification includes the surround cabinet, along with the double seat mechanism for ease of installation. PAC is focusing on very competitive production lead times, while at the same time offering custom choices for IFE, meal tray finishes, reading lights, and so on. The first two launch aircraft are already underway.

In addition to the 737 / BBJ family of aircraft, PAC has already delivered seven other models of luxury lie-flat seats for the Boeing 747-8 and 777 aircraft. New lie-flat seats for the 787 are also in production and will be delivered later this year.

November, 2015

Custom Lie-Flat Sleeper Seat Product Line is Expanding

Due to increasing demand, PAC is expanding its custom Lie-Flat Sleeper Seat product line from six to eleven models. Availability includes single, double and triple versions, and 59 to 80 inch pitch installations are supported. Along with the very quiet and highly reliable electronic systems in these sleeper seats, PAC offers manual or motorized privacy dividers, customer unique counter-balanced meal trays, and both lumbar and massage systems. PAC also provides custom provisions for customer specific in-flight entertainment systems, reading lights, and similar accessories. Thanks to the modular design of the seat base structure, PAC’s sleeper seats can be ordered for any Boeing or Airbus narrow or wide body aircraft, including the new B-787 floor structure.

September, 2015

Lufthansa Technik awards VIP seating contract to PAC

After an extensive technical and commercial evaluation, PAC has been selected by Lufthansa Technik, Hamburg, Germany, to exclusively provide the seating products for two high profile VIP BBJ programs. We are very excited to have Lufthansa Technik as a new customer, and we are gratified to receive another multiple aircraft order for entire ship sets of VIP seating. This program includes highly customized double lie-flat sleeper seats, as well as PAC’s versatile model 1400 single track and swivel seats. By choosing PAC for these prestigious VIP programs, Lufthansa has re-confirmed PAC’s reputation for providing the best products and the best customer service in the VIP airliner market segment.

August, 2015

PAC completes four custom VIP 747-8 seating contracts

PAC’s design, engineering, prototype, certification, quality and production teams are proud to announce the completion of all four of PAC’s Head-of-State 747-8 custom seat contracts. With over 460 combined seat places, and 99% requiring full motorized operation, this is a significant milestone for any custom aircraft seating company. The scope of products included elaborately designed track and swivel seats, slouching seats with leg rests, berthing divans, and six different types of lie-flat deluxe sleeper seats with custom surround cabinets. The options list for each of the different aircraft layouts was extensive, including new features never previously requested. PAC received seventeen new 16G certifications for forward, aft, side facing and angled installation requirements. PAC also provided each of the 747-8 completion centers full support for installation, including numerous HIC tests for each aircraft’s unique interior design, as well as detailed CMM/IPC documentation for each seat type.

July, 2015

PAC awarded Patent for Quick Disconnect Cable System

PAC has been awarded a new Patent related to its seat product line. Seat arms are always removed from the seat frame during the upholstery process. The cables that control seat tracking and swivel release and locking are then disconnected. Factory cable adjustments and cable routing are lost. The result is hours of extra labor to reconnect and re-route cables after upholstery and reassembly of the arms, and then “fine tuning” to re-adjust the handle pull force and the positive locking and release of the seat motion. The solution is PAC’s quick disconnect system. All the cables are disconnected at a junction box, and then reconnected when upholstery and arm reassembly is complete. Cable routing and factory cable adjustments are preserved. The seat frame that passes final inspection at PAC’s facility still operates with the same precision after disassembly and reassembly after upholstery. In addition all the cables are color identified for additional clarity and simplicity. A photo and description of the leg rest mechanism are shown on the “Innovative Product Features” page of the PAC website.

June, 2015

PAC awarded U.S. Patent for Double Spring Leg Rest

PAC has been awarded a new U.S. patent related to its seat product line. Seats with manual leg rests have been typically actuated by a single spring connecting the leg rest to the seat pan. This design often results in the leg rest twisting and/or off-center operation that can be unstable. PAC’s double spring design is superior because it distributes the actuation force evenly, is more powerful than a single spring design, and is lighter in weight compared to a large single spring design. Although the two actuating springs are controlled by the same lever or button, they function independently of each other in a simultaneous manner. By using locking gas springs, the leg rest operation can be customized to increase or decrease the force required for deployment and return, depending on the finished weight of the leg rest. Photos and descriptions of the leg rest mechanism are shown on the “Innovative Product Features” page of the PAC website.

January, 2015

PAC awarded U.S. Patent for Aircraft Seat Energy Absorbing Device

PAC has been awarded a new U.S. patent related to its seat product line. The patent is for a device that absorbs energy when the belted occupant and seat frame are subject to lateral forces. The energy absorbing device is fixed to the back member of the frame and only undergoes deformation when the seat is occupied and the occupant is using the seat belt. This device complements previously issued U.S. Patents for the increasingly popular Removable Seat Backshell and Keyhole Seat Pan Locking System. Photos and descriptions of these are shown on the “Innovative Product Features” page of the PAC website.

December, 2014

PAC receives triple order for Boeing VIP seating programs

After a six month technical and commercial evaluation, PAC has been selected by GDC Technics in San Antonio, Texas to provide all the seating products for two wide body 787 VIP programs and one narrow body BBJ program. This is the first time that PAC has received a multiple aircraft order for entire ship sets of custom VIP seating products, and these are the second and third 787 VIP programs for PAC. We are very excited to have GDC Technics as a new customer. By choosing PAC for these prestigious VIP programs, GDC has re-confirmed what the large majority of completion centers have already known, that PAC Seating provides the best products and the best customer service in the VIP airliner market segment. As a result of these latest orders, PAC is further expanding its product design and certification program, including a variety of new model seats that will attach directly to the unique 787 floor track system.

April, 2014

PAC is named South Florida Manufacturer of the Year

PAC is the winner of the 2014 Manufacturer of the Year award from the South Florida Manufacturing Association. The six key criteria for selection included: evaluation of leadership; strategic planning; workforce focus; process management; customer and market focus; and measurement, analysis and knowledge management. Each finalist company was visited by a panel of judges who evaluated company practices and toured, observed, and asked questions at PAC’s 50,000 square foot state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Palm City. “As a relatively young and small company, it was an honor for PAC to be nominated for this prestigious award. The bar is set very high by SFMA and involves a very rigorous process including their on-site visit, phone interviews, and application process. Winning the award is a very big deal!” said Chuck Tufano, CEO and President.

March, 2014

PAC is selected for one of the first Boeing 787 VIP Dreamliner programs

PAC has been selected for a prestigious new 787 VIP Dreamliner program. This new program includes a full complement of motorized and manual seating throughout the aircraft. All of the seating is being designed and certified to attach directly to the new design 787 seat track, utilizing the unique Harper fittings that interface with the 787 track. As with our 747-8 seats, the 787 seats will include PAC’s innovative patented features, such as the composite back shell that facilitates upholstery repairs and any future maintenance in the seat back area.

March, 2014

PAC awarded U.S. Patent for Keyhole Seat Pan Locking System

PAC is awarded another U.S. patent related to its seat product line. The patent is for the very creative Keyhole Seat Pan Locking System which provides easy removal of a seat pan if needed, using only two screws. This innovative product feature can be found on a wide range of PAC Seating products. This patent complements previously issued U.S. Patents for the popular Removable Seat Backshell and Adjustable Armrest Brackets. Photos and descriptions of these are shown on the “Innovative Product Features” page of the PAC website.

December, 2013

PAC ends 2013 with 12 new FAA TSO certifications

New TSO's include new variants of track and swivel seats, double first-class airline style seats for the BBJ, several variations of premium economy seats, and a Lie-Flat double POD sleeper seat. PAC’s total number of FAA TSO's is now 182. Five more Lie-Flat POD sleeper seats are in process and will be announced in 2014.

August, 2013

PAC receives order for a fourth Boeing 747-8 program

Equipment for this aircraft interior includes motorized track and swivel seats, motorized lie-flat double sleeper seats, and custom surround cabinets for the lie-flat sleeper seats

March, 2013

PAC delivers seating for wide body Airbus A-330 completion project

The on-time delivery involved a long list of seating products with custom features and options. Equipment included single seats, First class double seats, and forward, aft, and side facing divans.

December, 2012

In 2012, PAC delivers seating for 11 VIP airliners

Since each aircraft was custom and unique, the equipment list runs the full range of manual and motorized options, installation requirements, and customer specific features. Each program was managed by utilizing PAC's effective Program Management System.

December, 2012

PAC ends the year with 15 new FAA TSO certifications

New TSO's include new variants of track and swivel seats, double seats, and different forward, aft, and side facing divans. The total number of TSO's reaches 170.

December, 2012

PAC signs third Boeing 747-8 completion project

Equipment includes motorized single seats, motorized First class double seats, motorized side facing slouching divans with leg rests, and motorized single and double lie-flat sleeper seats.

November, 2012

PAC signs second Boeing 747-8 completion project

Equipment includes motorized single seats, motorized single seats on a common double base, motorized Business class double seats, motorized Business class triple seats, motorized lie-flat single sleeper seats, and side facing and angled divans.

September, 2012

PAC moves into a new 50,000 square foot facility

The new facility is located in Palm City, Florida, nearby PAC's original building. Starting with a concrete (hurricane resistant) shell, the management at PAC designed an interior with world class production workflow, lighting, climate control, and meeting space. In addition, PAC has significantly upgraded its IT and video conferencing systems, and added several more CNC machines for prototype and production work. The employee head count began increasing almost immediately after move in. See slide-show photos on the Home page.

June, 2012

PAC receives FAA TSO approval for Range Tested Single VIP Seat

See Innovative Product Features for range tested parameters for seat base width, swivel center line and upholstery foam densities. Plus see pictures of all the other unique features that come standard on PAC's Model 1400 track and swivel seat.

October, 2011

PAC signs Boeing 747-8 completion project

Equipment ordered includes motorized single seats, motorized berthing divans, motorized slouching divans, motorized double and triple lie-flat sleeper seats, and premium economy double staff seats. See Press Release.